Animal Crossing Post

Animal Crossing Post


The Animal Crossing Post is a video game fan-site for the popular Nintendo game series “Animal Crossing”. Running from 2008-present (although now not as active), it included many guides for the games, as well as a forum which was active in the past which provided members with a nice community to meet other players and ask questions. This was my very first publicly available project that I worked on. My sister also helped to create and maintain the website.

What I Did

The overall design began with a pre-made HTML template by another designer. At the time I made this website, I was just learning how to code and write HTML and CSS. Most of what you see there now is a major overhaul of the original template (complete color change and layout change). It is a conglomeration of years worth of work while I learned the basics of web development and design. For a while, the forum part of the website was completely separate. I later integrated the MyBB forum platform into the existing template. I also handled the creation and maintenance of social media accounts to help promote the website.

Live Demo